22 May 2017



Layering knitwear for Spring has never been one of those trends/styles which I've never really opted to try, mainly because the knitwear that I own is far too 'heavy' for the warmer months.

Although recently I've been seeing some of my favourite Instagramer's pairing button down (jersey) tops with their favourite trousers, and thanks to spying this button down cardigan on my sister (who f.y.i rocked it with wide leg trousers) I wanted to try out the combo with my favourite pair of trousers. With a fairly simple 'all-black' outfit in tow, I decided to add a pop of colour/interest with my choice of accessories-including this sateen floral print backpack that hasn't left my back since I bought it.

Also Depop lovers I've just added a ton of clothes to my Depop account - @stylepeaches *link here*. There's an array of 'pretties' on offer including 90s vintage must-haves, that have been reasonably priced and sourced. So check it out, because once its gone...its gone forever!

Top (cardigan) - H&M (similar here link) | Trousers - New Look (link) | Bag - New Look (link) | Shoes - Primark (similar here link) | Glasses - Zalful* (sold out-similar here) | Belt - New Look (similar link)

18 May 2017

red panel

Owning a pair of 'panel' trousers has been on my wishlist ever since I first spotted them all over Instagram. I was particularly drawn to how they add an updated 'look' to the classic all black tailored trouser, with a simple strip of colour. I spotted a pair in Another Stories the other week, whilst browsing their Regent St. store and *student budget brain* got me thinking, I could d.i.y a pair myself for a fraction of the cost.
So with that thought in mind I snapped up this pair of wide leg trousers in the New Look sale (some sizes still available) and made my way up to my local Fabric Land to pick up a contrasting trimming-which came to a mere 40p a metre. I opted for a panel of red as I adore the white/black/red combo when styling. Applied with a long strip of fabric glue, because time is of the essence and why spend time sewing when fabric glue does a neater (and quicker) job. And for under £10 you have a 'snazzy' pair of trousers.

Top - Monki (similar) | Trousers [customised] - New Look (limited sizes-link + similar here) | Jacket - Boohoo via Nastygal (similar here + here) * | 

16 May 2017

etched prints


Whenever I see an article discussing this seasons Spring/Summer trends which is 9 times out of 10 going to be some type of form of florals, I cannot help but have a GIF of Miranda Priestly replay in my head. To be honest for their 'repetitive' nature I tend to avoid them all together come spring. However there always seems to be one variation that surpasses my 'radar'.  This is most likely due to myself gravitating towards the more 'unusual' prints in the floral spectrum. That's where this top came in as I completely fell for the 'etched' style print and its flattering cropped style. Also as a lover of anything flared (these trousers included) I was drawn to the slightly flared sleeved, which is the perfect amount of 'flared-ness', may I add. As they don't fall into the 'unpractical' category of sleeves, you know the ones - "dinner dippers" I like to call them. This is fast becoming an item which I can definitely see myself styling up for a summery look in the next couple of months.

Top - Shein (link)* | Trousers - Missguided (similar here + here) | Boots - Primark (old - similar here + here) | Choker - New Look (similar here)

3 May 2017



When it comes to accessories I tend to play it safe and stick to my trusty favourites i.e. black ASOS boots and a basic bag/backpack. But when I came across this oriental, hot pink backpack from New Look, I knew I had to up my game and make this piece mine. I just love how it adds a pop of colour to my normally 'all-black' outfits. By adding a contrast in fabrics and a nod to my love of asian culture. This backpack has truly stolen my heart.

Top - M&S (similar) | Bodysuit - Primark (similar) | Jeans - New Look (link) | Backpack - New Look (link) | Boots - ASOS (similar)

27 April 2017

Motel Rocks Florals

Motel Rocks have been a brand which I have been both shopping and lusting over for years. I've always found their clothes to be high quality and reasonable for the price. I've actually featured a couple of their dresses on my blog included the infamous "Sun/Moon Print Babydoll Dress" which I featured way back when I had long purple hair....

I was particularly drawn to this top and was adamant at making it my new wardrobe addition, as I love the v-neck cut and slight peplum frill edging. The print was also an element which I feel in love with, as I couldn't help but think of the dancing women emoji when I first laid eyes on it. Like a lot of girly/feminine pieces I own you'd have probably noticed that I have a knack for dressing them down or adding a injection of grunge. And this outfit is no different.

With that in mind I decided to pair it with these distressed grey wash mom jeans, which admittedly have become more distressed with wear thanks to an accidental 'rip' that happened a few months back...I want go into too much detail but it involved myself walking past a drawer handle and getting my jeans 'stuck'.  As the top has an exaggerated v-neck plunge going on, I decided to pop on this lace corset 'style' choker (a nod to the recent corset trend) to add a little detail to the top half of the outfit. Needless to say I think I'm going to be featuring a lot of more of this top come the summer months.

Top - Motel Rocks (link)* | Jeans - New Look (link) | Choker - New Look (link) | Glasses - Zalful* (similar)

25 April 2017

Boohoo x DOTM

A little over a couple of weeks ago the lovely people at Boohoo contacted me to see if I was interested in styling up their "Dress of the Month" (DOTM), from their 'dress' category. The only 'catch' was that this dress would be a mystery. There's no need denying that I was a little apprehensive as to what I was going to be sent, but when I discovered that said dress was the one above I was very excited to style it.

To be honest I don't normal edge towards the 'bodycon' range of dresses, but this one is such a gorgeous take on the dress with the black crochet lace over-layed on a nude fabric. As my personal style normally edges towards the 'grungy-er' side of things I wanted to inject a element of this within the whole outfit - adding a personal touch. When styling 'dressier' dresses I always like to experiment with dressing them down, creating more of a daytime suitable look. I decided to do this by pairing the dress with a light wash (distressed) denim jacket, adding a contrast of textures and overall aesthetics, with a pair of fishnet tights and Gucci "dupe" sling-back loafers. Creating a more 'comfortable' outfit perfect for daytime occasions/events.

I've also just uploaded my first youtube video (eek) to correspond with todays outfit post, if all goes to plan a link will be below this video!

Dress - Boohoo (link)* | Denim Jacket - Romwe | Loafers - Primark | Backpack - New Look

21 April 2017

LIVE Colour "Steel Silver" Review

Silver hair has been one of those hair colours that has been on my wishlist for god only knows how long. No, seriously its a hair colour that I'm always lusting over on Instagram and forever trying to achieve with various dyes and purple shampoo. So when LIVE Colour's new "Steel Silver" (semi-permeant) hair dye landed in my hands, my excitement levels rocketed. Silver has always been a colour known for being 'ultimately' achieved by salon professionals, but to have a version that is easy to use at home and won't break the bank I was instantly intrigued.

When using the dye, the instructions stated that if you want a 'intense' shade then use it straight from the tube, but if you're opting for a 'pastel version' then dilute with the sachets given. Personally I had to dilute the colour as there wasn't enough *disclaimer* I have extremely thick hair, despite it being short I normally have to use x2 boxes/tubes of hair dye. On someone who has 'normal' (thickness wise) hair I'm sure it will be enough. Despite this I was excited to see what the result would be. I left the dye on for 15-20 mins and rinsed it out with water (no shampoo), blow-dried as usual and this was the result. White blonde locks with a hint of silver. I personally love how it turned out and once the dye washed out complete (3-4 washes) I was left with 'toned' blonde hair-which was an added bonus. Definitely worth a try for anyone looking at 'trialling' silver hair.

 LIVE Colour "Steel Silver" (link)*

18 April 2017

Yellow Haze

how-to-wear-painted-leather-trendhow-to-wear-painted-leather-trend how-to-wear-painted-leather-trendhow-to-wear-painted-leather-trendhow-to-wear-painted-leather-trend

Even though I may not be dressed in full-on 'summer 'attire' I can't help but feel that these photos are capturing a more summery feel, with the blue skies and warmer tones. 

When it comes to dressing for this 'in-between' weather this leather jacket has really come into play, as its a perfect alternative to my slighting 'heavier' Zara version and has an ever-so on-trend painted motif on the back. Kinda like my version of AM's infamous "One for the Road" jacket- a girl could only dream of owning such an item... I also decided to dig out my beret as I have neglected it as of late and have favoured the beanie in return. I have to admit I do rather love how a beret can transform an outfit into something more 'chic' with a Fran├žoise Hardy vibe.

Jacket - Boohoo (similar here + here)* | Top - New Look (link) | Hat - eBay | Jeans - New Look (link) | Boots - ASOS (link) | Bag - Monki (similar here)

4 April 2017

Gothic Lace


First off can we take a moment to appreciate these houndstooth trousers which I recently picked up from New Look. They are the a perfect 'elongated' culotte that are cropped at a flattering"just-over the ankles" length. My initial thinking behind this purchase was that I thought they would make the perfect wardrobe addition, as they are a piece that can be dressed up (e.g. this outfit), or dressed down with (one of my many) band tee's for a more "un-done" look. They also remind me of something UNIF would design, minus the price tag. I'm forever creating "imaginary shopping bags" on their site, in the hope that one day someone will magically send them to me. *Ahem*

Top - Shein (link)* | Trousers - New Look | Bag - Kate Spade | Sunglasses - Zalful* | Belt - New Look | Boots -  ASOS *Similar* | Windswept Hair - Model's Own

22 March 2017


This Camouflage jacket was one that I purchased last summer and to be fair I recall wearing it ALOT. Kind of like the way you can become obsessed with an item and you feel the need to incorporate it into basically every outfit...well that's pretty much what happened. Like a lot of these "fashion phases" of my mine it quickly fizzled out came winter and was pushed to the back of my wardrobe. It was only when one of my friends was wearing hers that I thought I should dig mine out, for its first '2017 outing' now that the weather is getting milder.

On a different note excuse the impromptu (edging towards) 3 weeks absence on the blog and social media- it wasn't intended. But to be honest recently I haven't felt an urge to blog and create content, I think its because I've been creating content for this blog for 6 years now which might come as a surprise. And when you're doing something for that length of time it can sometimes (not all) become a chore to "blog", almost like a necessity because you've done it for so long.

In fact I don't think I've left such a large amount of time between posts before, even if I was on holiday there would still be post going live.  I think also recently I've been busy with uni work and my live music photography work (insta: @c.p.images) , so in these types of circumstances your energy tends to edge more towards things that are going well and your busy focusing on.

Saying that I think it's actually a really good thing to just step back from something (not just blogging) to re-access your "goals" and for me re-focus that energy into creating higher quality content that I'm proud to produce. Because I may not have the biggest following in the world, but the readers I do have I appreciate for sticking with me on this journey. When you've "grown" up on a blog and documented your style since you were 15 years old, stepping COMPLETELY away would bear the resemblance to a "break-up", and that I don't think is necessary. On a side note if anyone would be intrigued to hear about my thoughts on "growing up on a blog" let me know, and I can put something together.

Jacket - New Look - similar | Dungarees - H&M (old-similar) | Boots - ASOS (link) | Necklace - My Sisters Accessories (link)*
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