18 August 2017

PVC Rain Mac


Another thrifted jacket gracing the blog today, this one comes in the form of a PVC rain mac. Again priced at roughly $4, and in near mint condition. I simply couldn't resist. It kinda reminds me of the one (style wise) Alexa Chung bought out as part of the M&S 'Archive Collection' a couple of years back. With that style in mind I wanted to channel a fairly 'preppy' look so decided to pair said jacket with my houndstooth wide leg cropped trousers and all black accessories (like normal). It is soon becoming my most-worn jacket of the season, especially with the unpredictability of the weather at the moment.

Jacket - Thrifted (similar) | Top - New Look (similar) | Trousers - New Look (similar) | Boots - ASOS (similar) | Choker - My Sisters Accessories*

16 August 2017

Fringe Suede


I've been waiting for the perfect opportunity to fully share all, about this Suede Fringe Jacket that has recently entered my life (and wardrobe). The hunt for the 'perfect' jacket has been a long time coming-I'm talking YEARS. There have been possible options that I've spotted along the way but I was always put off by either the quality, shape or 'type' of suede. However this one-which happened to also be a thrifted find for $4... had to be MINE. Spotted amongst the rack of their 'outerwear' section, I saw this one sandwiched between two others and immediately gravitated towards the fringe-obviously. This has undoubtedly become the bargain purchase of the year (so far).

Jacket - Thrifted (similar) | T-Shirt - RHCP Merch (similar) | Velvet Flares - Missguided (old-similar) | Backpack - New Look (similar)

14 August 2017

Frayed Denim


I have to admit this isn't my bodysuit, it's my sister's and I'm forever borrowing it from her as we all know American Apparel is no more and this bodysuit is so darn comfy. I love the way it looks when paired with a pale wash denim bottom, whether that's a pair of mom jeans or even a skirt (like today) as there is such a 'retro' feel to that combination.

Bodysuit - American Apparel (r.i.p) similar here | Skirt - Shein (link)* | Shoes - Vans (link) | Bag - Monki (similar here) | Star Earrings - Primark (similar) | Necklace - Rings and Tings* 

2 August 2017



Another semi-thrifted look gracing the blog today, although this seems to be a reoccurring pattern of paring a thrifted top with these Primark cut-off shorts because lets be honest I was practically living in them whilst on holiday. To 'jazz' up a fairly simple outfit I opted for this stunning embroidered belt- that I picked up from New Look a couple of months ago, classic ray-bans and a pair of vans which happen to be new purchase of mine. And after a couple weeks of 'breaking them in' I can finally say that they are the world's most comfiest of shoes, and haven't left my feet since.

T - Shirt - Thrifted (similar here) | Shorts - Primark (similar here) | Belt - New Look (link here) | Sunglasses - Ray-Ban (link) | Shoes - Vans Old Skool (link)

31 July 2017



This playsuit is one of those items in my wardrobe that only really 'comes out' when the sun is shining and the temperature is on the mega HOT scale, subsequently this means that back in the UK it's rarely worn. But on days like, when these photos were taken and temperature was in the mid 30˚C's it is the perfect item to be worn on such occasions. With the sub tropical scenery setting the backdrop for the photos it felt like the perfect accompaniment for the look.

Playsuit - Boohoo (old but similar here) | Glasses - Primark (similar here) | Sandals - Birkenstock (link) | Backpack - New Look (similar here) | Choker - Unknown (similar here)

28 July 2017

Holiday Disposables

So its been around two weeks since getting back from my holiday to Florida / Miami and its fair to say those holiday blues have truly sunken in.  But instead of my normal "Postcards from..." style post, which I've done for the past few trips to the U.S, I wanted to switch it up and share some shots from the holiday that were taken on my disposable camera. The camera was an impulse purchase whilst waiting in the airport lounge to board our flight, and to be honest I'm glad I saw it and picked it up. As there is something nostalgic and almost romanticised about capturing these 'moments' on film, not knowing full well what they will turn out like.

Needless to say there were a few 'mishap photos' including an array of blurry out of focus shots. But you know what that's part of the fun with shooting on film.
The photos shared in todays post include some snaps from our stay in Miami, including some epic (and accidental) lens flare, some shots from an art gallery and (of course) my new love -Wynwood. Shooting on film is always one of those things that I want to get in the habit of doing more, and will definitely share on the blog next time I do so.

26 July 2017



Would you believe these photos were taken on a university campus, whilst on a visit to their art gallery. No, neither would I but with a campus so darn photogenic I couldn't resist taking some snaps here. With the weather being 30˚C+ on the daily, these shorts practically turned themselves into a wardrobe essential whilst on my holidays. I also picked up this shirt whilst out thrifting, despite it being your standard looking 'work' shirt I wanted to experiment with styling it with a more 'dressed' down approach. Queue knotting it at the waist and pairing it with anything and everything high waisted, with endless styling options.

Top - Thrifted (link to similar) | Shorts - Primark (link to similar) | Sunglasses - Ray-ban (link) | Shoes - Birkenstock (link)

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24 July 2017



After the past 2-3 weeks away from desk, it feels good to be back and resuming my ol' blogging schedule. Florida/Miami was amazing, like always and it was also great to explore some new places and take some snaps along the way - some of which I've posted on Instagram. One of the places we chose to explore whilst down in Miami was Wynwood, a place which I've lusted over visiting ever since coming across their infamous mural walls on Instagram. It kinda reminded me of the Miami equivalent to Shoreditch, in the sense that the streets are filled with art studios, galleries, coffee shops and boutiques. I have to admit I did *fall* in love with the place as it had a different sort of vibe to the busier streets of Miami, and with streets being their very own *free* art gallery what more could you ask for...

Top - Primark  | Skirt - Fearlesss (link)* | Shoes - Vans (link) | Sunglasses - Primark

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6 July 2017

Mirrored Sunglasses


When we took this particular set of outfit photos I can clearly remember it being one of those 'weather' days when it wasn't quite warm enough to fully bare yourself nor limbs, but it was still on the humid side of things. So with that in mind I decided to pull out these di.y'd panel trousers which have been an item that I tend to edge towards when the temperature drops a tad cooler, as thanks to their slightly 'loose' fit they can be the perfect item for type of weather.

Colour palette wise I kept it to my normal monochromatic shade range, with the sunglasses and panel detailing acting as the main accents of colour for the look. These glasses are actually (would you believe) from Primark and were only £3...I had to immediately snap them up as I couldn't help but wear them as an alternative to my classic ray-ban 'round' versions. In fact they are a pretty near similar shape and size on comparison, which make them the perfect purchase for those deliberating whether to part their cash with the originals.

Top - Primark (similar here) | Trousers - New Look (similar here) | Sunglasses - Primark (similar here) | Sandals - Birkenstock (link)
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