26 March 2015

Faux Fur Backpack

1-pink stripe skirt, faux fur backpack 2pink stripe skirt, faux fur backpack 3pink stripe skirt, faux fur backpack 4pink stripe skirt, faux fur backpack 5pink stripe skirt, faux fur backpack
When faux-fur backpacks first came under my radar it quickly became an item which was put to the top of my "d.i.y wish list". There is something I find so nostalgic about owning a furry backpack. In fact I think "Clueless" might have had an influence on this, as I have been known to obsess over that backpack, whenever I watch the film.  Another new d.i.y that I can tick off my endlessly long "wish list" is this candy stripe skirt, which was inspired by the urge to add more 'pink' to my wardrobe, because you can never have too much in my eyes. I am extremely tempted to make a top to go with it, to a form a 'candy-strip co-ord'. All I can say is let the endless supply of pink clothing commence, because I am seriously addicted to the stuff.

Roll Neck Jumper - M&S | Skirt - D.I.Y | Backpack - D.I.Y | Boots - Primark | Sunglasses - Rayban Clubmasters | Scarf - D.I.Y 

6pink stripe skirt, faux fur backpack

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  1. great look


  2. Great look. That skirt is so sweet.

    Jenn | jenniferjayne.blogspot.co.uk

  3. your style is adorable! I am honestly not the biggest fan of pink cause I cannot pull it off; you make pink look so attractive! definitely a new follower. :)


  4. cute look and love the location! :)


  5. Aww! Thank you so much Winnie :) x

  6. I love this skirt - this beach (and hut) makes an amazing backdrop for photos! :D Gisforgingers xx


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