18 March 2015


emoji-tshirt-blogger-outfit emoji-tshirt-blogger-outfit emoji-tshirt-blogger-outfit emoji-tshirt-blogger-outfit emoji-tshirt-blogger-outfit
I have had my eye of owning this Emoji t-shirt, ever since I first spotted it at my local store. As an avid (and addicted) emoji user it is the perfect match for me to declare my love for the humble Emoji to the world.
Who would have thought this time last year that these icons would transform themselves into wearable pieces of clothing and be collaged all over photographs, quickly becoming a 'fashion trend' !? What could once appear as a just smiley face has now developed into an array of icons of practically everything (besides from a unicorn!!), that have become the basis of out text messages. Does anyone else just send emoji coded texts to their friends/family? It often makes you wonder what will be the next social media trend this time next year, and will these "emojis" transform into something bigger?

With this t-shirt now a firm favourite in my wardrobe,  I am extremely tempted to find a skirt to match, because there is nothing like declaring your love that much further than with a full-on two piece. All I need to find now is the matching shoes and bag, and I'm set.

P.S For my FMP Uni project I have chosen the topic of "21st Century Feminism" and what is means to be a feminist today? I have therefore created a questionnaire to find out peoples thoughts surrounding the topic, which (if you could spare a minute) I would really appreciate if you could please fill it out for me (link here)! As your thoughts will be invaluable for my project! Thank you in advance if you do :)

Coat - Vintage | T-Shirt - Primark | Roll-Neck (worn underneath t-shirt) - M&S |  Skirt - River Island (diy faux fur trim) | Scarf - DIY | Bag - Vintage


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  1. Omg, I love everything about this! I'm such a sucker for any object covered in irl emojis, including clothing obviously. :)

  2. Cute outfit. Loving all the layers.

    Jenn | jenniferjayne.blogspot.co.uk

  3. you are like sweet candy, we love u!! xoxo

  4. Thank you so much Sarah :) My emoji obsession is crazy!! x

  5. Aw! Thank you lovelies :) x


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