25 February 2015

Pom Pom

1-BassBuds pastel outfit 2-BassBuds pastel outfit 3-BassBuds pastel outfit 4-BassBuds pastel outfit 5-BassBuds pastel outfit 6-BassBuds pastel outfit
Ever since I first came across the 'pom pom earring' trend I have been lusting over owning a pair, in all the pastel shades imaginable. So after a quick google search of "the quickest way to make pom poms" (link to the method) and a rummage for some pastel coloured wool, just over an hour later I was left with these fluffy ("Pat Butcher" esque) pair of earrings that haven't left my ear lobes since. Yet with one colour not being enough and the colour possibilities endless, a lilac pair was soon in the works. So the pom pom 'obsession' has transformed into wearable jewellery and key chains-if only you could see the giant one on my backpack. To be honest I have a feeling that I could soon find myself attaching said pom poms to my clothes, it is only a matter of time after all!

Coat - Primark | Pom Pom Earrings - DIY (similar link) | Stripe Top - Primark | Skirt - Asos | Choker Necklace - DIY | In-Ear Headphones - BassBuds (link)* | Boots - Topshop

7-BassBuds pastel outfit

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  1. love your pink hair!


  2. Love the bag so much ! Really cute look !

  3. Sara,


  4. Love the earrings! They don't look DIY at all.

    I also really want that coat : ) xx


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