16 September 2014

Within the Flowers

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It seems as though summer hasn't truly left us just yet, with warm summery spells staying with us that extra bit longer. This subsequently means embracing those summer dresses and skirts (without tights) for a couple more days. It's a peculiar thing really with October soon glooming upon us *gasp* we (I) automatically assume wearing the faux fur and layering up the knitwear is "acceptable" for the season. Yet in reality (and before you know it) you're experiencing a "serious" melt-down on the tube-that's not the diva kind either.

Today though I finally (!!!) managed to get over to The Somerset House, to get some street style photos for my Uni assignment. With it being my first "LFW" you could only imagine how (unbelievably) excited I was to be in one of the most talked about places, of the fashion calendar. In fact I went down for both yesterday and today-because one day obviously wasn't enough. Let's just say I wasn't disappointed by the "inspiration" on offer and the styling ideas I can't wait to try out. I even got to experience what it was like to be "street-style photographed" myself by someone other than my Mum (or family relations). Which I'm not going to lie was kind of a "odd" experience, that I definitely won't forget (or get used to). So expect to see some street style photos popping up soon on the blog.

Hat-Primark | Tunic Top-Topshop | Shorts-Zara (worn underneath) | Bag-Ted Baker | Sandals-Zara
5stripesoutfit, photo, topshop, stripes, summer, fashion

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  1. Love the striped dress with the statement bag (which is perfect by the way!). And such pretty flowers.

  2. Such a beautiful, class look on you. :) That bag is seriously amazing!


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