23 July 2014

Retro Florals

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The Kimono. It probably comes as no surprise but this humble piece of clothing is one which I've been particularly fond of, as of late. So when my auntie picked up this number (the family are somewhat aware of this obsession, in its floral, fringing glory. It has become one of those statement pieces which instantly adds that special something to a simple looking outfit. Paired with these "be-dazzled" sandals - a duty free Zara purchase. I'm a magpie at heart, and sometimes there's nothing wrong with adding a 'bit of bling' to ones' wardrobe. Even if it is through a pair of shoes.
Kimono - Primark | Playsuit - Missguided (link)* | Hat - H&M | Shoes - Zara | Bag - Dorothy Perkins

6primarkkimono, festival fashion, kimono, floral

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  1. You look so lovely ! The outfit and the kimono are gorgeous !


  2. Such a pretty kimono, you look just gorgeous xx


  3. Love this look! Gorgeous colours! x

  4. Aw! Thank you Stephanie :) x


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