Vintage Aztec Prints

Hat - Primark
Jumper - Vintage via Ebay
Dress (worn as skirt) - Camden Market
Bag - Primark (old)
Shoes - Next
Necklace -*
Nails - Tom Ford 'Burnished Rouge' via Harrods* (review here)

This outfit is probably one of my favourites to wear this autumn as it's so simple (and comfy) but includes the right amount of small details and prints, as well as showcasing my favourite new vintage purchase that some of you lucky people might of seen on my instagram (stylepeaches)!
 I have to say that my current go to combination has to be the jumper and skirt combo as it embodies femininity minus the poofs and frills! Another reason why I love it is that it's just so easy to put together an outfit using these two particular piece, for my 'lazy fashion blogger days.'

I'm also wearing my current favourite autumn colour nail polish which you can see a more in depth review on it here. It's a gorgeous red berry shade with the right amount of a subtle hint of glitter, that adds a slight 'lift' to the colour.
 It's clear to say that it was love at first sight! And yes I am talking about falling in love with nail polish! But as I am a self proclaimed nail polish addict I think (hope) that this type of love would be the same for any of you nail polish addicts out there. We will stand strong together and keep buying more pretty colours to fulfil our (sometimes expensive) addiction! :)

Thanks for reading! And if your a nail polish addict like me then I'll love to know what your favourite colours of nail polish are your go-to shades for this fall!


  1. That's such a pretty jumper, love the colours! :)

    Julia x

  2. This is so so gorgeous! I love your style SO much and the nail colour is beauts xo


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