12 October 2017



70s style has long been an obsession of mine, and one which is a frequently incorporated into my outfits. Whether thats opting for something flared or even pulling out the suede fringe jacket, this era has a dear place in my love of fashion. With it being an era where the amount of style icons are endless, I often see myself frequently switching up who I'm looking at for inspiration.

Recently I've been drawn towards the male icons of the 70s including the likes of Mick Jagger and David Bowie. As someone who is far gone from 'girly dressing' (skirts and dresses aren't really my 'jam') these sort of icons are more 'relatable' with my personal style, as recently I've gravitated towards styling more 'tailored' inspired pieces within my wardrobe. Opting for simpler colour palettes and 'fluid' silhouettes.With that being said my 'references' are forever changing, which is one of the greatest things about documenting your style.

Top - Shein (link)* | Trousers - Missguided (similar here) | Hat - New Look (similar here)

10 October 2017


Over the weekend me and the sister decided to pop over to the Barbican to take a wonder round the highly anticipated Basquiat exhibition, that I believe is the first major showing of his work to take place in London. Set in one of my (all time) favourite buildings in London- I'm a huge fan of the Brutalist architecture movement a la the Barbican, we didn't let the grey skies stop us from taking some snaps just before we headed in.

The exhibition itself was pretty impressive, set over the whole of the art gallery area with a range of mediums on display including some polaroids of some famous icons- Madonna, Debbie Harry and Andy Warhol *to name a few*. It has definitely made me want to shoot more in film, in my photography work.
Also a little tip, if you're aged between 14-25 you can sign up for (free) on their "Young Barbicans" scheme meaning, that the exhibition ticket was only £5, instead of £16.  

most of my outfit is vintage so I've linked similar items below -->
Jacket - Vintage (similar here) | Shirt - Vintage (similar here) | Trousers - Vintage (similar here) | Bag - Mulberry "Bayswater" (link) | Boots - ASOS (old-similar here)

5 October 2017

Temple Spa "A Stroke of Genius" Serum Mascara


When it comes to my make-up routine there are two products I won't leave the house without, one being foundation and the second being a mascara of some sort. Claiming to be the 'little black dress' of mascaras, the new release from Temple Spa definitely caught my eye for being a mascara enriched with lash caring ingredients. With a blend of plant peptides and antioxidants, it's basically skincare for your lashes whilst still giving you that mascara 'look'. The one thing I love about this mascara is how natural yet still defined it makes my eye lashes look, with no clumps or flaking throughout the day, plus it's really easy to remove- I use a micellar water. For lash loving queens this mascara is definitely worth a try as its essentially a 2-in-1 product.

Temple Spa "A Stroke of Genius" Serum Mascara (link)* 
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